WorldFaze Engages in the first edition of the Black Rock Global Arts Foundation(BRGAF) x 1-54Contemporary African Art Fair Symposium in Marrakech, Morocco.

Marrakech, Morocco – In a groundbreaking initiative, Ghanaian artist-run residency space, WorldFaze, was invited to Marrakech by the Black Rock Global Arts Foundation, established by renowned artist Kehinde Wiley. The symposium aimed to foster dialogue on the expanding presence of artist residencies in Africa and their sustainability within the cultural sector.

Led by founder Kwesi Botchway, the WorldFaze team actively participated in a symposium organized in partnership with the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair. The event served as a gathering point for leaders from various artist residencies, foundations, public museums, and artist-led initiatives.

Key Highlights:

1.          Engaging the Public: Panels discussed strategies for opening artists’ spaces outward, fostering greater public engagement.

2.          Art Market and Artist Residencies: Insights were shared on the intersection of the art market and the role of artist residencies.

3.          Institutional Sustainability: Deliberations centered around establishing long-term sustainability for artist-run initiatives in Africa.

4.          Artist-Run Foundations and National Institutions: Exploring the dynamic relationship between artist-run foundations and national institutions.

5.          Best Practices Workshop: A workshop provided practical insights into the best practices for artist residencies and artist-run foundations.

Participating alongside WorldFaze were other Ghanaian artist-run organizations, including dot.ateliers, Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art (SCCA, Tamale), and BlaxTARrLines, Kumasi.

Kwesi Botchway’s vision for WorldFaze is to support emerging artists by offering resources, guidance, and dedicated studio spaces for experimentation and development. The Marrakech symposium marked a significant step towards fostering collaboration and sustainability within the vibrant African art community.

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